Ever wondered why having too much choice, makes choosing harder?

Our society is a funny one in that sometimes we are given so much choice, i.e. “which salad dressing would you like, out of our 175 variations?”, that we actually find it harder to choose. Our world is no longer responsible for giving us a rubbish selection to choose from. No. Now we are responsible for our selections in life. And if we make a bad one, we have no one to blame, other than ourselves. We think to ourselves “Damn, why did I pick this lens… I could've got that other one, and be finding this shooting environment so much easier to be in”. Or. “If only I got that wide angle lens, instead of this crap macro lens” Now we make choices and regret them, for reasons like “if only I went for that other brand, maybe I would be finding this easier”. Or flip it round, we end up getting paralysed by the vast amount of choice. I like to call it “Paralysis by Analysis”.

Couldn't this be true of our day to day, life decisions? Have you ever been in a situation where you had so much choice that you ended up not choosing anything at all? Have you ever made a choice and then seriously regretted it because you feel you could've made a better choice?

My friend, Barry Schwartz, does a fantastic job of explaining this conundrum and why it is that this has now become the case. Watch the video below and maybe become enlightened on the subject! Make sure you watch through until the end.

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